Z-10 Leather In a Bottle 

Z-10 Leather in a Bottle™ Treatment and Conditioner contains a perfectly balanced, solvent-free blend of special oils and other natural nutrients, which penetrate, soften and preserve the leather. Z-10 also has Ultra-Gard™, a total UV protector (40) and an exclusive real leather oil concentrate.

This feeds and enhances the leather scent, to give your vehicle that great new leather smell. Just wipe on and let dry, no buffing is necessary. It leaves a non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky, stain repelling, natural luster and restores the warm, supple, soft feel, and smell of fine leather. Does a great job on vinyl interiors and dashboards too.

One sniff and you will agree it’s Leather in a Bottle™. This product has no equal.