Z-18 Claybar 

Z-18 ClayBar removes imbedded contamination from the paint finish that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods.

Z-18 is non-abrasive and works like no cleaner, compound or chemical can. Z-18 is safe for use on all paint finishes.

The following are some of the contaminants that Z-18 removes:

Rail dust—tiny, sharp bare metal shavings that adhere to and imbed in the paint. Most new vehicles are delivered via the railroad and start with a fine coating of rail dust. You’ll get more anytime you park near railroad tracks or wait for a train.

Brake dust—similar to rail dust; since the advent of metallic brake pads, anytime a vehicle with them applies their brakes, brake dust is disbursed into the air and onto the paint. Even if you don’t have metallic pads, the car next to you does!

Industrial fallout—the general term used for pollution and dust which settles onto the paint finish.

Other harmful items—tree sap, road tar, bug residue, paint over-spray, acid rain deposits and other contaminants. Contaminants that are left on the paint surface can weaken the protective properties and cause serious damage to the paint.

Z-18 ClayBar is the ultimate way to clean the paint finish in preparation for Zaino polish.