Z-2 Pro Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Finishes 

Our customers describe Z-2 Pro Show Car Polish with one word—AWESOME!

Z-2 was created to enhance and protect the flawless paintwork of the finest custom show cars in the world; imagine what it will do for your car. Z-2 Show Car Polish contains state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives to enhance the color and clarity of your paint.

It is 99.9% optically perfect. Z-2 contains Ultra-Gard™ UV(40) sunscreen for the ultimate protection against fading and shrinking. Additionally, our special flex agent restores the gloss on rubber and plastic painted parts. Z-2 bonds with the paint and gets wetter, deeper and richer with multiple coats. Z-2 contains no abrasives, harmful silicone oils, or yellowing carnauba wax.

Z-2 is the easiest and quickest polish you will ever use. It will not streak, yellow, smear, film or haze (even on black) in any situation. It leaves no powder or white residue in cracks, is non-greasy, non-oily, anti-static, does not attract dust or dirt and can be applied in the sun or shade. Z-2 polish is a true paint protectant and is designed to replace traditional waxes. It gives your paint finish total environmental protection.

Nothing sticks to Zaino Show Car polish. It will outperform, out-protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today. Guaranteed! The first application of Z-2 Show Car Polish produces an incredible wet-looking, durable gloss. This is fine for the average vehicle. A second coat of Z-2 will simply amaze you in terms of wetness, slickness and optical clarity. The third coat, well, simply put it's AWESOME!