Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner and Swirl Remover 

Zaino's first abrasive product for paint.

When either Z-5 won't do it, the years have taken their toll, or you just want your car looking as good as it can get, Z-PC will help get you there.

Apply by hand or machine to help your car look better than new. Z-PC and a bit of elbow grease easily removes oxidation and minor imperfections and leaves your paint as smooth as silk.

Z-PC's advanced fused tri-particulate formula is the perfect prep for Zaino Show Car Polish Products. It is water-based with no fillers or oils. Zaino Fusion utilizes advanced, self-dissolving diminishing abrasives to safely and effectively clean your paint to showroom new condition.

Z-PC can be used in sun or shade on cool surfaces.