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Back in February 2003, a couple of soon-to-be Zaino users decided it would be fun to have Zaino Day in their driveway.

They purchased some Zaino, invited some friends over and asked us to come teach them how to use Zaino. They set up a TV in the garage with the F1 races playing, filled an ice chest with cold drinks, put up a large pot of coffee and ordered pizza for lunch.

We sold some Zaino, everyone learned how to use Zaino (and saw the fabulous results) and a good time was had by all.

This was the day I discovered how good Z-5 really is. The black '97 Cobra pictured below was possibly the worst swirled car I'd ever seen. When I arrived and took my first look at it, I was sure that Zaino would fail. At first glance, the Cobra looked like it had been washed with fine steel wool. I put the first coat of Z-5 on so thinly that it was just absorbed into the swirls. In fact, it looked even worse than I started because it only made a few spots shiny and a car with leprosy is worse that a car with swirls. I put the second coat on a bit thicker and it started to shine. The third coat was the charm. It was a whole lot better than I or the owner ever expected.

We'd be happy to do the same for you. Buy some Zaino, find a big driveway, invite some friends over and we'll show up and teach you how to use it. Here are the pictures from that day.

Learning to use the Z-18 ClayBar.
The Windex bottle contains Z-7 and water.
We're not using Windex for lubricant!
Learning why to use the Z-18 ClayBar.
Checking out the car.
Learning how to use the Z-18 ClayBar.
Nice cars lined up in the driveway.
Applying polish. 
Note the syringe we used to mix polish and ZFX. 
Makes mixing small amounts and cleaning up easy.
Not as necessary with the new polish formulations.
Another shot of the cars in the driveway...
2003 Cobra
The two Cobras looking quite beautiful.
Our 2000 Z-28 LAZAINO-mobile. Bad light, bad photographer. Sorry!